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I N T E R E S T   P A Y M E N T S
When a politician promises to give out money, if the politician doesn't already have the money to cover those promises, he or she (the politician) puts the government in debt.
If the debt is NOT paid off by the deadline, the investor demands an interest payment.
The interest payment could be thousands, millions or billions of dollars.  Ontario pays more than $10.6-billion a year.
Imagine being forced to pay $10.6-billion?  Heart attack anyone?
If you didn't have to pay $10.6-billion because you didn't make any promises to give away money, you would have $10.6-billion if just because you did NOT go in debt.
Any interest payment is thow-away money.
Now, imagine what you could do with that $10.6-billion.
If the Ontario government did NOT have to pay $10.6-billion in interest payments, that $10.6-billion could go into health care or education.
This is why going into debt is so bad.  It is wrong.  Politicians force taxpayers to waste good money on interest when that same money would be better spent elsewhere.
The solution it should be illegal for any politician, including municipal politicians in Mississauga, to give away any money if they do NOT already have that money first.
But, even if it's legal, politicians should never give away money solving the problem.
This would mean there would never be any interest payments.  Never!

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Any interest payment is thow-away money.   Brian Chiasson

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.   Henry David Thoreau
     ("The amount of life" ... the time you spend and throw away to make money.)
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