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C H O I C E  v s  R U L E S  &  R E G S
Many politicians waste lots of time creating rules and regulations for everything.
It's like they don't have any meaningful work to do.
Rules are important, particularly when people violate legitimate boundaries.
If someone puts a sign on your lawn to advertise a yard sale, he needs your permission.  Without it, he violates your boundaries.
There's even a TV channel that advertises programs that push sexual boundaries.
This means that rules are important to protect people.
Regulations, to explain a little further, are the words that define the rules.
If a sign is permitted in front of a house, between the sidewalk and curb (government property), nobody can object unless politicians vote to change the regulations.
And, it will be illegal for anyone to remove that sign.
The problem, however, appears if rules and regs favour some people over others.
This hinders free choice.
For example, people in real estate influenced many politicians to create rules and regulations to protect home owners, including the size of a neighbour's house.
This is not always healthy, removing freedom of choice.  There are cities with no zoning laws whatsoever.  Houston, Texas, is one of them.  And, everything works.
Can you imagine?  No zoning rules or regs.  Inconceivable!
In the last few years, there's a new phenomenon.  Dozens of businesses are starting, all around the world, that make portable tiny houses.
Hundreds of people, including families with dogs, buy them at $10,000 (bare) to $40,000 (including kitchen cabinets and appliances).
They are similar to recreation vehicles (RVs), but different, and much cheaper.
Some homes are beautiful, but really small, on wheels.  Click here or here!
Some have water catchment, water pumps, hot water heaters, bathtubs, showers, toilets, full fridges with freezers, stoves, microwaves, vacuums, washers, dryers, inverters, battery banks, solar panels and are fully heated or air conditioned.
You only pay for food and gas.
No rent.  No mortgage.  No heating, water or electricity bills.  And ... no taxes.
Homelessness could disappear along with rules on homelessness.
But where do you park? Rules and regs can hurt, even in a back yard or driveway.
You don't need an external water or electricity supply.  And, no land taxes.
You live off grid, whether on an abandoned road or a warehouse or church parking lot, with approval (they might even pay you to be security, if you have monitors and external cameras, patrolling the grounds twice a night covering food and gas bills).
Real estate people and banks hate it.  Why mortgage yourself if homes are affordable?
And, politicians get no money without taxing something.
So, such rules and regs are not likely to change.  It's called self-interest.
Additionally, thousands of ridiculous rules and regs are completely unnecessary.
Many political minds believe "People must be free to make irresponsible choices as long as they assume the consequences." The Manning Centre (Preston Manning) For Building Democracy uses these words in a survey.
Actually, life is usually better with less government (fewer rules and regs).  There's even a slogan: Less Government, More Fun.

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This hinders free choice.   Brian Chiasson

You only pay for food and gas.   Brian Chiasson

No rent.  No mortgage.  No heating, water or electricity bills.  And ... no taxes.   Brian Chiasson

Homelessness could disappear along with rules on homelessness.   Brian Chiasson

Real estate people and banks hate it.   Brian Chiasson

Politicians get no money without taxing something   Brian Chiasson

Thousands of rules and regs are completely unnecessary.   Brian Chiasson

Less Government, More Fun!   Unknown
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