W A R D    4    C O U N C I L    C A N D I D A T E
Do you want higher taxes?  If not, you have to vote, or you get what you deserve.
Here's is my full-page ad in the Mississauga News on Thursday, April 23, 2015
On April 27, voters in Ward 4 get to choose one candidate from a list of 27.
Yeeeouch 27?
It's like choosing one chemical on an exam simple if you know the one chemical.
"Carbon" is a chemical.  It makes trees blossom.  Forget the other 26 chemicals and choose "Carbon" to pass the test.
Hi!  Let me introduce myself my name is  B R I A N  C H I A S S O N.
Pssst:  I'm on that voter's list.
Knowing my name helps.  Politicians get elected if voters know their name.  It's called "name recognition".
Now, while you know my name, you don't know me.  You cannot look at that list and say:  "Hey!  I know him!"
However, you can change that.  Call me:  (905) 306-0100
And, to help you know me, consider this.  I am a member of:
(1) Mensa Canada.
(2) Mensa International.
(3) I was invited to join Logethica the High IQ Big Debate Society.
I took a test at the University of Toronto.  I lucked out and got most answers correct.
I mention this because I love learning and making good decisions.
Most politicians do NOT read everything on their desk.  Sometimes, paperwork is a sales pitch written by someone to get money (your tax dollars).
Tax dollars only come from one place YOU the taxpayer. Politicians decide who gets it and who doesn't.  The more money needed, the more politicians take from YOU, leaving less in your wallet.
Do you want to stop it?  Seriously?  Here's what you need to do:
(1) Remember my name.
(2) Get out and vote.  (If you don't vote, you lose.)
My first name is easy to remember  B   R   I   A   N.  I am the only B R I A N on the voter's list.  My name will be second from the top.
You can also call me "BC"  B R I A N  C H I A S S O N
Get to know me!  (905) 306-0100.
Here's a Ward 4 Map. If you live in here you get to vote.
P O L I T I C A L   I S S U E S
Art & Music & Theatre
Choice vs Rules & Regs
Deficit Spending
Fire Safety
Garbage Collection
Interest Payments
Traffic Calming
You can even reach this website if you spell my last name wrong at Brian Chaisson